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FreeWare HV.CurrencyConverter © 2010 by H&V-Lima

Download HV.CurrencyConverter here Version 1.47

Why this application?
To get current currency exchange rates in a WinForms application serves as an example for a WebService frontend.
HV.CurrencyConverter lets you convert 131 currencies in some amazing 17’030 combinations.
But this is not the main goal of this application.

Being a WebService-Frontend there have been implemented several patterns:
– request to WebService http://www.webservicex.net/CurrencyConvertor.asmx is made in a background worker to not freeze the main (GUI-) thread
– since a WebService may be out of order or cannot serve all requests, a local XML-repository with the latest rates is maintained (in the user’s roaming profile)
– a second background task skims all active currencies in the dropdownlists once a day to have at least one almost current rate if no update cannot be made


– only unzip the executable with its config file
– if your AntiVirus gets mad (because EasyDataEdit accesses a WebService on the Internet) and swallows its executable, please don’t be afraid and recover it from your AV’s quarantine area.

Download HV.CurrencyConverter here Version 1.47


FreeWare HV.AmazonClient © 2007-2008 by H&V-Lima

New Version 1.14 (02. October 2008)

Why this application?
To find a new book on Amazon.com it takes so much time to load and reload the web pages. And what about referencing a book quickly in the bibliography of your documentation?
HV.AmazonClient lets you find your desired book quickly. A double-click takes you to its cover and a right click lets you copy a standard citation sentence incl. ISBN-nº.


  • SOAP access to Amazon.com

  • super responsive in all means (scrolling/sorting the grid, revealing the book cover, copying citation, opening Amazon, ALL while loading)
    using the following features

  • Control.Invoke, Backgroundworker and LoadAsync

  • New Version 1.14 (02. October 2008)

FreeWare HV.ScreenCapture © 2007-2008 by H&V-Lima

Why this application?
When you write down your IT-work e.g. for EN ISO 9000:2005 documentation. How many times do you need a partly screenshot to paste something in low resolution into your editor? Or how many times you’d like to copy/paste an open picture from your desktop into your chat program? Probably liking to annotate a quick phrase on it?Take HV.ScreenCapture. Click the Capture button, drag the mouse over a screen area and you’re done. Put Text, Date, Time in a second. Rotate or flip the picture, adjust Brightness in a snap, add a drop shadow with a click or erase a password with the drawing pen.

  • Full blown standard Windows Forms Application
  • Extensive utilization of User Settings
  • Embedded user control and own class library
  • Owner drawn forms graphics
  • HWND handling shows dynamically picture size in status bar
  • Complete round-robin Undo-/Redo Capability
  • Unhandled exception handler with RTF output
  • Download HV.ScreenCapture here Version 1.32