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Offshore your .NET/SQL Development to Latin America! Languages: en-de-es

EasyDataEdit: Product

This is like Excel, but for Business Applications.
EasyDataEdit is the securest and simplest way to maintain tables and views in any SQL Server DataBase via Web-Access.
You as the Business Owner build your applications using your SQL views.
Each Business Application is configurable by the Admin via browser and appears as a branch in the application tree.
The Business learns by doing without costly external project work or application recompiling.
As stated in the Customer Review: all experienced BI/DWH-Experts will love this tool!

See the User-, Admin- and Security-ScreenCasts (click here) (currently only with Swiss German Audio)
See product features (click here)

1. Highly Secure with Active Directory:

– it works with the Active Directory Login Credentials of the user’s workstation

2. Admin configures user’s access:

– which cannot overwrite security-settings on the SQL Server, so don’t be scared!
– super quick setup and configuration
– can even be thrown into existing ASP.NET WebForms or MVC application for table scaffolding
– visible columns, update and insert separately configurable
– default values and
– Foreign Key values configurable


3. Users work effective and efficiently

– super quick paging and working
– search capability with range-search
– header table (can be hidden by user)
– configurable totals header
– Foreign Keys in DropDownLists
– parent/child TreeView
– any URLs configurable for e.g. SSRS-Reporting or any external Link like SBB-Fahrplan



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