HV-Lima Peru

Offshore your .NET/SQL Development to Latin America! Languages: en-de-es

FreeWare HV.ScreenCapture © 2007-2008 by H&V-Lima

Why this application?
When you write down your IT-work e.g. for EN ISO 9000:2005 documentation. How many times do you need a partly screenshot to paste something in low resolution into your editor? Or how many times you’d like to copy/paste an open picture from your desktop into your chat program? Probably liking to annotate a quick phrase on it?Take HV.ScreenCapture. Click the Capture button, drag the mouse over a screen area and you’re done. Put Text, Date, Time in a second. Rotate or flip the picture, adjust Brightness in a snap, add a drop shadow with a click or erase a password with the drawing pen.

  • Full blown standard Windows Forms Application
  • Extensive utilization of User Settings
  • Embedded user control and own class library
  • Owner drawn forms graphics
  • HWND handling shows dynamically picture size in status bar
  • Complete round-robin Undo-/Redo Capability
  • Unhandled exception handler with RTF output
  • Download HV.ScreenCapture here Version 1.32

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